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Rule 40: Home teams are responsible for supplying a trebles board of match standard, adequately lit.
Rule 41: Height to be 5ft 8in to centre bull. Throwing distance from fixed oche 7ft 9.25in.
Rule 42: All games 501 best of 3, straight start, double finish, centre bull counts for game. The bust rule applies to finishing.
Rule 43: If BOTH teams only have 5 or 6 players for Darts, those names shall go in the match draw. Remaining games will not be played, and no points awarded.
Rule 44: Away team to throw first on games 1/3/5/7. NO DARTS.
Rule 45: Maximum of 5 minutes to elapse between games.
Rule 46: Only darts remaining in the board, which are self-supporting, after a player's throw are to count.
Rule 47: Caller from home team, checker from away team are in control of the game.
Rule 48: Once the score has been called, checked as being correct, and any dart removed from board, the score will stand.
Rule 49: The scorers of the books must agree before the next dart is thrown or else rule 47 applies.
Rule 50: Players may be in call from 250.
Rule 51: Captain or nominated person (one person only) can assist player verbally during the game (e.g. for kills, etc).
Rule 52: Points will be awarded as 1 point for each game won. No extra point for match win.
Rule 53: If a team is not at the venue by 9.00pm 1 point will be lost at darts for each 10 minutes late.
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