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Rule 20: All players must be registered with and play for,only one club at a time within the S.H.G.D.D.C.L. for each season. Changes will be reported at the next league meeting.
Rule 21: Only permanent landlords are automatically signed on, and for only one team. ie: no transfers within the pub if there is an A and B team.
Rule 22: No player to knowingly play for another Team or League on a Tuesday night; the registration of any player doing so will become void for that season, and will therefore be ineligible for all S.H.G.D.D.C.L competitions.
All players de-registered will be notified by the committee at the next monthly meeting so that teams are aware of the removal of the player's registration.
Rule 23: Minimum age to sign on is 16 years, with the Landlord having the final say regarding admittance to the venue.
Rule 24: Players Registration Forms must be submitted at the first League Meeting of the season, else the team will be subject to a 10 fine.
Rule 25: Additional players can be signed on by the Team Secretary contacting the nominated Committee member of who will be responsible for keeping the signing on list up to date.
Rule 26: New signings must be paid for at the next League Meeting.
Rule 27: New signings will be eligible for all knockout games, provided they are made before the competitions start.
Rule 28: Clubs playing non signed on players will be dealt with by the Committee.
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