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Rule 57: Home team to be responsible for supplying a crib board and match quality pack of cards.
Rule 58: The crib team shall consist of 6 (different) players, to play in the League and Knockouts.
Rule 59: Two games of 2 legs. One game of 3 legs. Order of play to be decided before start of match.
Rule 60: Each game to be of 4 streets, 121 up. Standard club (crib) rules apply.
Rule 61: One player from each team shall cut for deal on each leg.
Rule 62: Any card dealt and held in hand, which is not played when possible shall be deemed dead, only becoming live for the count up at the end of hand in play.
Rule 63: Points to be awarded as 1 point for each leg won, with NO bonus for match win.
Rule 64: For information only. Pegging: The following is an unwritten rule when playing games with a Peg board. If the wrong number of points is pegged to the pegger's disadvantage (i.e:- underpegging a forward score), a correction is NOT permitted after the player's fingers are removed from the peg. An exception being when an incorrect score is challenged by the opposing pair. Please make sure all players are aware of this.
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