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Rule 64: All fees for individual and pairs competitions must accompany the entry form to be accepted.
Rule 65: Entry forms for individual darts, slip up pairs and crib pairs will not be accepted after the prescribed date.
Rule 66: The arrival time for all competitions (excluding team) shall be 8.30pm. Arrival should be conveyed to the event official and/or nominated league official promptly.
Rule 67: Darts will be best of 3 games, 501, until the final which will be best of 5 games.
Rule 68: Bull up first game / leg only, alternating first thrower on each game / leg thereafter for matches played at neutral venue. Early rounds should comply with regular league rules, i.e. away team first in games 1, 3, 5 & 7, as home team already has an advantage.
Rule 69: Team Knockout and Crib pairs will be best of 3 games per pair, 4 streets, 121 up.
Rule 70: If a team folds, or is dismissed out of the league, or is found to have fielded an ineligible player, and is still in the next round of a Knockout competition, then the team they were scheduled to play in the next round will get a bye.
Rule 71: If a team is unable to fulfil a team KO fixture due to insufficient players being available, then the match will be awarded to their opponents