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16/02/19Individual Darts Results, Played 12/02/2019 Show
18/01/19Crib Pairs Draw To Be Played On 5th March 2019 Show
18/01/19Darts Individuals 1st Round Draw Gt Moor 12th February 2019 Hide
Board 1
B Davenport (Poynton)
J Metcalf (X Keys)
P Whittaker (Armoury A)
A Tancock ( X Keys)
D Pike (Anchor)
M Shannon (3 Tunnes)
A Duff (Anchor)
Board 2
C Smith (ArmouryA )
G Fox (Corner Cupboard)
AQ Williams (3 Tunnes)
C Mutch (Anchor)
J Smith (3 Tunnes)
J Steeles( Anchor)
S Briscoe (Greg Street)
Board 3
T Gray (3 Tunnes)
J Dolby (3 Tunnes)
B Allen (Corner Cupboard)
A Boswell (Greg Street)
D Lilly (Anchor)
A Haig (X Keys)
N Squires (3 Tunnes)
Board 4
B Williams ( X Keys)
C Allen (Corner Cupboard)
P Holland (Anchor)
L Bresnahan (Anchor)
T Clare (Great Moor)
T Lawrenson (Cask)
B Squires (3 Tunnes)
Board 5
M Hemmings (X Keys)
P Yapp (Cask)
P Johnson (Great Moor)
P Nolan (Poynton)
O Leigh (Poynton)
C Hamnett (Poynton)
V Simon (Armoury A)
Board 6
G Jackson (Armoury A)
S Lloyd (X Keys)
G Haig (Cask)
M White (X Keys)
G Evans (Poynton)
P Wilkinson (Cask)
D Rees (Armoury A)
Board 7
G Langdale (3 Tunnes)
J Gleve (Great Moor)
R Taylor (Poynton)
J Bailey (Armoury A)
R Peet (Great Moor)
D Deaville (Cask)
N Potts (Cask)
Board 8
I Spooner (Armoury B)
B Andrews (Armoury A)
L Burford (Armoury B)
Zeff (Armoury)
M Norman (Cask)
F Smith (Armoury A)
A Holt (Cask)

Strike out 8.30 pm
Draw to be made on the night for each board
Each board to play down to a winner

Draw for Darts Individuals at Gt Moor 12th February 2019

16/10/18New Season Is Underway! Show